graduating students with diverse skills

The program of study recognizes that academic preparation is the foundation of lifelong learning in a dynamic and evolving profession. It seeks to develop student fluency and competence in an array of basic skills and processes with equal insight into the artistic, technical, and managerial competencies of practice. More precisely, the program graduates students with a broad overview of the profession by balancing a curriculum equally weighted in creativity—the art of design—and rudimentary technical knowledge and business acumen required to realize their conceptions.

The program orientation and the structure of the curriculum rest on a tripartite base: Wentworth’s ‘Learning and Competency Objectives,’ CIDA accreditation standards, and the NCIDQ definition of the professional interior designer. These three standards recognize the reality of the specialized, diverse knowledge, and skills required in practice and affords graduates substantial preparation for professional licensure.

To achieve this balanced orientation, the program seeks:

  • to foster creativity and artistic vision
  • to develop fluency with a design process
  • to broaden intellectual depth
  • to develop technical skills and the craft of making
  • to introduce students to the business of design
  • to offer the opportunity to work efficiently both independently and collaboratively in teams
  • to recognize the broad professional fiduciary responsibilities to the general public including, but not limited to ethical practice, regulatory requirements, and growing public concerns for resource conservation and sustainability

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