Original Houseboat Living - Mar 27, 2010

Living on water is so exotic and so unusual that more and more people are willing to give it a try. This mind-blowing residence comes from Rost Niderehe Architects and combines the comfort of a modern home with the shape and eccentricity of living on a boat. We think the most fascinating aspect of this project is its location. This boat house lies in the middle of Hamburg and it is surrounded by the Eilbek-canal. When its inhabitants get tired of the landscape, they can move their home a few meters to the left or to the right by using a tug. This residence has two levels also known as the upper deck and lower deck that host the living and working areas. Once inside, there is little trace that may lead one to believe this is a house build on water. The interior design is spotless and the decorative elements are simply surprising. Living in the middle of nature in your large city without being a part of the urban racket- how great is that?

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